Campa Sistemi Infissi Alluminio e Acciaio

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Like steel, aluminum is very resistant to any type of weather, and consequently destined to last over time without any need for maintenance; despite it being robust, aluminum is very light, therefore extremely easy to work with and install, while at the same time resistant. It is now possible to have many different shade options for aluminum thanks to the progress made in the paint sector, depending on your needs and architectural circumstances that vary from project to project.

Unlike wood and PVC, aluminum is included in class A1 (class 0) for reaction to fire. In simple terms it is a non-combustible metal: it does not generate any toxic substances and is flame resistant. Although the same results for aluminum have not been achieved as for iron in terms of minimal design, reduced sections have been introduced both for the nodes of the doors and windows, and lifting sliding doors, achieving excellent architectural milestones.