Campa Sistemi Infissi Alluminio e Acciaio

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The production

Our mission is to be by our customer’s side from the beginning of the project until the installation step.
We always try to find the best solution for each individual customer in terms of efficiency and aesthetics.
Essential steps for every successful project are:

  • Have a friendly preliminary meeting with the client where we try to understand their needs;
  • Provide a cost estimate based on the budget available for the project, times and measurements provided;
  • Next, oversee the construction site where our technicians take the final measurements, followed by the official estimate ready to be confirmed by the client and then agreeing on production and delivery times;
  • Once the quote has been approved, the technical office completes the final drawings to be forwarded to the cutting center;
  • Cutting, working on bars, assembly (with welding in the case of iron), and finally testing in the workshop to be sure that everything is in perfect working order. At this point, everything is to be painted and finished;
  • Once the windows and doors have been assembled, they are ready to be transported and installed on site.