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Other than windows, another branch of the company that is even more captivating is without a doubt the work down with wrought iron. A traditional discipline that is often handed down from father to son, it is timeless and is becoming more and more soughtafter. Just like the sector dedicated to window frames, metal working foresees a planning phase for the project. Every single part is defined in our technical office on paper thanks to the help of the 3D making it possible for the client to actually see the final result. It is possible to simulate the dimensions, colors and shapes according to one’s taste before moving on to the implementation phase.

Once the details are defined and confirmed, the project moves on to the production phase in the workshop to be finished, protected in cycles of hot dip galvanizing, and finally painted according to the customers desires. The painting process can be done in two different ways:
- Epoxy paint
- Polyurethane paint

In both cases, the process that most appropriately suits the project is used with the hopes of obtaining the best results that fully satisfy the client, whether they be a private customer or an architectural studio. Iron is used in many ways in the home for railings, gates, stairs and safety window gratings, where it is commissioned and sought after for its elegance, solidness and durability over time; often complimenting other noble materials such as marble, Grès or stoneware, the local stone from Lecce “pietra Leccese”, the local stone from Trani “pietra di Trani” and solid woods such as oak, ash and olive woods