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It is fundamental to discuss with the architect from the start of every project what type of solutions to take in terms of energy efficiency, limiting ,as much as possible, the dispersion of useless energy and insulating every room. To do this, Campa Sistemi has a variety of solutions on hand depending on the type of opening and most of all, the location of the building. Out of the most popular materials used for the installations of the so called thermal sub frame, we find OSB, PURENIT, PVC, WOOD, and HIGH INTENSITY POLYSTYRENE.
Installing a thermal subframe calls for first placing insect screens and electric roller shutters, obtaining optimum functionality and energy efficiency.

We are more than a company, we are a team dedicated to making your home or building a perfectly comfortable and safe place. In our technical department, we work with passion and commitment to design customised windows and doors, considering every detail and specific need of our customers. Our approach is based on collaboration, listening carefully to your requests and translating them into creative and functional solutions. We believe that window design is an art that combines aesthetics, functionality and security.